with Nasa Technology

Organic Herbs to Youthify your Body, Mind and Soul

with Nano CBD (Cannabidiol) Hemp Isolate

Facelift and Body De-Stress

Bacteria B Gone Shake & Spray

Products for the Wellbeing of Humanity



State of the Art CBD/CANNABIS Vending Machines

Weedsies offers you a complete store in a Vending Machine:

* Receive monthly royalties for having us.
* Full Liability, all permits required is on Weedsies
* No Staff, No Overhead…open 24/7…Convenience
* White glove delivery and placement
* Products designed for your location and the laws in accordance with your state
* Weedsies App for vending machine location
* Screen for Advertising anything
* Special Coupons can be inserted in every product sold
* Takes credit cards and cryptocurrency

Contact Cynthia Cariseo  •  954-610-3585

We're So Glad You've Come to Visit

We're So Glad You've
Come to Visit


We offer you 35 years of experience along with proven products that will Youthify your Body, Mind and Soul.

I have been in the business of aromatherapy and air purification for over 35 years. The day I read my first article on Gua Sha 20 years ago, my body has gone from Discomfort to Comfort I work on myself at home and have trained hundreds of people to do the same. It’s a miracle worker.

Please, Indulge yourself with with our wonderful products and trainings. They changed my life. They can change yours.
Let us know if you need anything. We are here to take care of all your wellness needs.

My passion is your wellbeing.

Live Life!!! Live it Healthy!!! Live one to remember!!!

– Cynthia Cariseo / Founder, CEO, Author & Coach

NEW EDITION of T.I.P.S. from Cynthia

Cynthia is now offering you a free downloadable copy of her renowned book T.I.P.S. with your very first order from our website!

Youthify your mind, body and soul with the rewarding research, knowledge and experience gathered for you by Cynthia Cariseo.   Learn More…

Virtual Gua Sha Trainings Are Now Available

Private and Group   •   Your Schedule

5000 Years of Proven Ancient Techniques +
State-of-the-Art Technology =
The Key to Anti-Aging, Health & Wellness​

Air & Water

Providing Surround Clean Air and Pure Water
for home, car, personal, office or commercial

CC’s Antioxidant
Anti-Aging Tea

Organic herbs that will Youthify
your Body, Mind and Soul

100% Arabica Colombian Coffee,
Irish Breakfast Tea & aromatherapy products

Bacteria B Gone
Pure Essential Oils

Shake and Spray antiviral antibacterial –
100% pure organic essential oils

Personal & Completion Courses
Gua Sha face lift and body de-stress

How to live a better and healthier life, both
on the inside and outside of your body

What Our Customers Say...

Three years ago my wife and I gave our children a Fresh Air machine to run at their homes due to their allergies. It has greatly helped them during the high pollen seasons in North Carolina. Periodically my wife and I, while out of the house, put our machine on super clean and as we're coming in the front door the fresh mountain air smell hits us and we smile…
Ashevill, NC
I have to tell you about this Gua Sha Jade Tool from China. I was crippled and could not open my hand since my surgery. After one treatment I can completely open my hand. My knee was burning up after using the stone and the next day I had no pain in my knee. And my lines on my forehead are completely gone and my skin looks incredible. Thank you and the Jade Tool from China.
Aventura, FL
The Fresh Air Surround is fantastic. I bought one for the office and one for home. It has removed all moldy smells and leaves a lingering fresh air smell throughout. A must for a clean fresh scent throughout your space. The away mode is fantastic and remote control is perfect. A must for dogs, partiers, smokers, and the like. I highly recommend one for office and home.
Augusta, GA